Myringo-Denoting tympani or the eardrumMyringectomyExcision of the eardrum Con-Together withConcussionTogether with blowViolent jar or shock that results in severe injury Viscero-Denoting the organs of the bodyVisceral Pertaining to the surface of the internal organs Extra-Outside of; in addition toExtra-labelOutside of the labelUse of a drug in a way or for a purpose not specified on the label ... A gland found near the midline of the chest cavity; found mostly in young animals. Plantar – pertaining to the sole or caudal aspect of the digit Homo-Same, similarHomogeneousGenerated the sameOf uniform quality, composition or structure ChestThoracic, thorax, thoraco The choice of procedure likely depends on what the surgeon has been trained to do. Chol-, chole-, cholo-Relating to bileCholestasisStoppage of the bile flow Ot-, oto-Denoting an earOtoscopyVisual exam of the ear -tome, -tomyInstrument to cut, process of cuttingOsteotomeInstrument that cuts boneA chisel-like knife for cutting bone Gnath-, gnatho-Denoting the jawPrognathicHaving a protruding jaw Peri-Surrounding, aroundPerivascularPertaining to around a vesselAround a vessel TesticleOrchio-, orchi-, orchido- Normo-Normal or usualNormovolemiaNormal blood volume -omaTumor, massHematomaMass of bloodA localized collection of extravasated blood, usually clotted, in an organ, space, or tissue Sinistro-LeftSinistrocerebralSituated in the left hemisphere of the brain RootMeaningExampleDefinition of Example Opisth-, opistho-BackwardOpisthotonosA form of spasm in which the head and tail are bent dorsally and the abdomen bent ventrally -aseForms the name of an enzymeAsparaginaseEnzymeEnzyme that catalyzes the deamination of asparagine oo-Denoting an eggOocystEgg cell Apr 1, 2013 / Small Animal Surgery / Cats / Dogs. -rhaphyMeaning suturing or stitchingGastrorhaphySurgical repair of the stomach by sutureSurgical repair of the stomach by suture Homeo-Denoting likeness or resemblanceHomeopathyThe study of like diseasesStudy of treating disease in a sick animal with drugs capable of producing the same response in a healthy animal Diplo-Double, twofoldDiploidResembling a double or two of the same Onco-Denoting a swelling or massOncologyThe study of masses -plastyDenoting molding or shapingRhinoplastyShaping the noseSurgical shaping of the nose NeckCervix, cervical, cervico- Instrument used to view the inside of the gastrointestinal tract, or within another organ. Mono-OneMonochromeOne color Combining vowel – links root words to root words or suffixes (usually “o”) Root word – foundation of the word, may change to a combining form to link words -itisInflammationPancreatitisInflammation of the pancreasInflammation of the pancreas Home / Pet Health Columns / Ovarioectomy vs. Ovariohysterectomy: Which Way to Spay? Gero-, geronto-Denoting old ageGeriatricPertaining to the aged Cardi-, cardio-Relating to the heartCardiacPertaining to the heartPertaining to the heart Ileo-Pertaining to the ileumIleocecalThe area where the ileum joins the cecum Ana-Up, apartAnatomyProcess of cutting apartThe science dealing with the form and structure of living organisms Arthro-Relating to a joint or jointsArthrodesisFusion of a joint Prefix – word beginning, may completely change the meaning of the word Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Sphero-Denoting a sphere, roundSpherocyteRed blood cell with decreased volume that is round and dense (not biconcave) Latero-Pertaining to the sideLateralPertaining to the side Ovariohysterectomies are more commonly performed in the United States, since this is the technique that is taught in veterinary colleges here, while ovariectomies are much more common in Europe. -blastDesignates a cell or structureMyeloblastBone marrow cellImmature cell of the bone marrow Hypo-Below, deficientHypothyroidDeficient thyroidDeficient thyroid gland activity dog) Pyloro-Relating to the pylorusPylorusThe distal aperture of the stomach or abomasums Retro-BehindRetrogradeGoing backwardGoing backward -ostomosis, -ostomy, -stomyTo furnish with an opening or mouthGastrostomyOpening the stomachSurgical opening of the stomach Leido-, leio-SmoothLeiomyosarcomaSarcoma of the smooth muscle Karyo-Relating to a cell's nucleusKaryocyteNucleated cellNucleated cell Transverse – separates body into front and back Veno-Denoting a veinVenipunctureSurgical puncture a vein PenisPenile Intra-WithinIntrauterineWithin the uterusWithin the uterus University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital. urticaria A swollen area that is known to itch; may also be referred to as a hive. Electro-Relating to electricityElectrocauteryBurning by electricity (or coagulating) Fibro-Relating to fibersFibrosarcomaFiber cancerSarcoma made of fibrous tissue as in cats) Ur-, uro-, urono-Relating to urineUrinalysisExamination of urine Necro-Denoting deathNecroticPertaining to dead tissue HeadCephalic, cephalo- Facio-Relating to the faceFacialPertaining to the face Basic word structure: Hydr-, hydro-Denoting waterHydrocephalic“water” on the brain (excessive fluid retention in the cranium)


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