The graduate program in Brown’s anthropology department encourages a diversity of doctoral research agendas in socio-cultural anthropology, anthropological archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. The PhD programme in Anthropology The Department of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen takes a broad approach to social and cultural anthropology, reflected in the courses offered and in ongoing research activities. The PhD program normally requires about five years, and is completely separate from the MA program. Find A PhD. Search Funded PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Anthropology at University of Geneva. Tips for Applying to the PhD Program; Department of Anthropology. Students pursuing a doctoral degree in anthropology at the University of Washington focus on one of three subfields. The PhD program in Sociocultural Anthropology at UBC has been an excellent match to carry out my research project. Archaeology Biological Anthropology Sociocultural Anthropology Graduate students in the PhD program may also add the following to their program of study: Program Handbook The PhD in Anthropology focuses on Integrative Anthropology; by this, we mean integration of anthropological perspectives (beyond what is usually considered the "four-field" approach), integration of theory and application, integration of teaching, research, and ethics, and integration of anthropology with other resources and scholars on campus and elsewhere. Danielle Carr awarded the 2019 Jerrold Seigel Fellowship. Each of the three subfields has its own set of requirements. PhD programme, information, applications, qualification, funding, fieldwork. Gustav Kalm Awarded Chateaubriand Fellowship. PhD in Anthropology: Program of Study. Aarti Sethi named College Fellow in Anthropology at Harvard . Firat Kurt awarded Polonsky Fellowship. We regret to announce that the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania will not accept applications for the PhD program during the 2020-21 admissions cycle. That is, students may enter the PhD program directly following their undergraduate degree, and do not necessarily earn a master's degree (although earning the master's degree can be incorporated into the PhD program without increasing the total length of time needed). Our program balances a rigorous curriculum of core classes with more specialized training in advanced courses. You are here: Home; PhD; PhD. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research degree focused on making a significant original contribution to anthropology based on a major research project, which culminates in the production of a dissertation.


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