Game Over (Suikoden) Game Over is a feature that is common in every video games, including the Suikoden series.. There's a couple things to find post-final boss. unwashed heathen (guest) Nov 5, 02 at 9:55am (PST) ^ It's not as good as the bad ending, but it's the ending most people will get. What happens when the 108 Stars of Destiny are not collected, Riou doesn't get the best ending of course. So whether or not you get all 108 characters, or the good ending or bad ending, just about all of Suikoden III will be the same. I recently got what is considered to be the bad ending in Suikoden II where you run away from Tinto after Neclord attacks. In Suikoden games, the game over is triggered usually when the party runs out of HP after a battle, but it can also be triggered when the players loses a certain duel, a war battle or even after some wrong choices leading to a bad ending. the bad guy dosent win though, so he drew a conclusion and the hero dosent die in the end so dont worry about that, though i must say the ending is fun, and people, its a suikoden … Read at your own risk. Details [edit | edit source]. Universe. This is my Dark-AU What If of Suikoden 2. He doesn't get reunited with Jowy and Nanami doesn't get to live. Also, if you chose to rule the country, you get the default ending of Suikoden II. Although unlocking the secret perfect ending is taxing, the extended sequence is an uplifting tearjerker. Choosing to not lead allows you to fuck around in the game world after the final boss is defeated. Its also got one of the hardest true ending to ever find. This is a rare moment, which you won't get unless you know it's there, or like to choose the non-optimal option (like, who in there right mind would … Jawab: ada 4, Yaitu : A collection of different short and semi-interconnected stories. 10/10 nuff said There is 4 endings. Its one of my 3 top role playing games to ps. True, Happy ending: Suikoden 2, is revered by many as the best Role playing game to ps. ... Suikoden II (2) From our database: ... (we ban users dishing bad karma). -Bad Ending dimana Hero menjadi Pemimpin Aliansi : Hero masih memiliki Bright Shield rune dan Dark Sword rune tidak diketahui kabarnya karena Jowy juga tidak diketahui keberadaannya.-Bad Ending hero bertemu jowy : Riou menerima Dark Sword rune dan menjadi Rune of Beginning; Ada berapa ending di suikoden II? 1, where we just run away from everything letting our friend get eaten by zombies or/and vampires.


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