For example, you can rig a system using two pulley hubs that each have two wheels, and when looping the lifting ropes through all four wheels and the two hubs, the lifting power can be very substantial. The dimensions of the rig are important as a short stubby rig with all three hook baits spaced within a 2ft length will cast further than a rig with three hooks spaced over 4ft or more. The lead weight will then be draw up above the fish with a subsequent reduction in the risk of snagging. The design of the rig means that it works like a pulley when a fish is reeled in with the weight rising upwards (and away from snags). Un over rig with blue splash down. Then tie about 5 inches of 10lbs mono above the loop knot using a uni-knot and slide it down. Attach the weight to the other end of the thin line. £2.00. Uptide pulley rig ( the Mersey boat rig ) £1.95. £2.00. £3.00. up n over chesil rig. We started trading mid July 2012 with a small Facebook group as news travelled fast about our rigs we grew rather quick and after a year or so we moved to a small unit near home, this was bloody freezing in winter so we moved a year later to a small office in Morecambe but as stock grew and customers were calling in the office for rigs it soon became too small we decided to branch out into bait sales for a number of reasons and sales went through the roof due the high standard of our bait and the fantastic prices. The principal behind the pulley rig is that when a hooked fish is being retrieved the weight of the fish will cause the free running swivel to act as a pulley. There are numerous sources of terminal tackle both locally and on-line, here are a few suggestions –, @2020 - All Rights Reserved. 07759942079 Rigkraft 3a Yorkshire st £1.45. Urfe bar and urfe rig. 2 x Swivels; one of these can be a swivel bead such as a Gemini pulley swivel, a Breakaway proper pulley clip or one of the other various pulley beads available. £1.45. Pulley loop rig. Product Information Excellent rig for Rays or bass or even flounders and sole with the right hooks , a easy rig to use when up to your waist in surf as it is a short rig when clipped up, top quality components and the time it takes to make them equals a expensive rig but still worth every penny as far as i am concerned Idiots Tree Felling Fails with Chainsaw Machine - Tree Falls on Head and House - Duration: 8:11. £2.00. Simple Pulley rig. Wessex rig. Pulley Rig Components Main Body. £2.45. £2.35. Simple Pulley rig. £2.35. A mistake in this video where Paul called a Trident Tackle roto clip an aero pulley … Don't do what I did and not bother buying the pieces because it looked complicated. Jason runs through the pulley loop rig . £2.75. Planet Sea Fishing. How to build a Pulley Loop rig. Believe me it's not and it feels very rewarding when you go fishing using your own, home made, fishing rigs and even more so when you start landing great fish off of them. House Radio Summer mix • 24/7 Live Radio | Best Relax House, Chillout, Study, Running, Happy Music Lofi chill out music 2,853 watching Live now Pulley Drop Down Rig Components Main Body. The rig can be converted to a rotten bottom rig by adding a. £2.50. up n over chesil rig. . Uptide pulley rig ( the Mersey boat rig ) £1.95. The pulley rig is a unique rig which greatly increases the chances of successfully reeling in a hooked fish over a rocky and snaggy seabed. Two pulleys can be used to create a simple belt and pulley system, in which a belt is looped between the two pulleys. Urfe bar and urfe rig. turning around the circum… Un over rig with blue splash down. The dimensions of the rig are important as a short stubby rig with all three hook baits spaced within a 2ft length will cast further than a rig with three hooks spaced over 4ft or more. Although this rig is widely known as the pulley drop down rig it does not in fact act as a pulley rig on retrieve as the snood is fixed to the rig body. 1 x bait clip such as a Breakaway impact shield or alternatively a lead with an inbuilt bait clip. Basic Pulley Mechanisms: From tank treads to bike gears to fishing lines, pulleys are used all over the place when it comes to mechanical transmissions.


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