By observing and undertaking an experiment, science produces knowledge through observation. Lies are allowed. I mean, they saw who they saw, right?? Philosophy seeks the amplification of subjectivity by superimposing a self-serving self-agreeable map over and onto reality. Yes we may be able to recreate the same conditions we understand to be necessary to accomplish an end-goal, but…. Philosophy and Science should work together, not at odds. Science is diametrically different from philosophy. Science was born as a rejection of this method. Through this article, let us make a quick comparison between science and philosophy. It is a fact that the world is shaped by researches in science and not in philosophy, but it is equally true that philosophy has an effect on scientific endeavors. Oops, look deeply into your motives here. In the same manner, hypotheses can also be wrong or falsified. That is the one key thing science does not have…. To use that knowledge to dominate over those who don’t know. Science vs. This is why undergraduate (and maybe postgraduate!) Yet, philosophy, theology, and mythology, are nearly identical to one another. Between Science and Philosophy, there are differences even though they have some common ground. The major difference between the 2 disciplines is that one requires evidence or proof to back up it’s claims (science), The other party feels that contemplation alone is enough to comprehend the mystery of reality and existence (Philosophy). Philosophy does this by using logical argumentation, while science utilizes empirical data. Self liars, like substance addicts will not accept reality beyond the reality of their own needs and the fears that drive those needs. A lie can take many forms of given life, and life is given by belief…. It’s worth noting that the definition of philosophy varies according to people and lexicon. Our teacher once said “while science deals with proximate causes like how it solved the cause of malaria from mosquitos, philosophy deals with much ultimate questions like why the hell these fucking disease causing mosquitos exists?”. Scientific explanation requires help from concepts and equations that require proper explanation and study, and cannot be understood by someone who does not belong to science stream. I got into an exchange with a colleague of mine (whom has a philosophy PhD), and he asserted that philosophy deals with the "why" questions and science deals with they "how" ones. It also has many branches: metaphysics, logic, politics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, and specific philosophy in fields like philosophy of language, history, the mind, and religion, among others. Philosophy Difference between Science and Philosophy: – Undoubtedly, there is a clear distinction between philosophy and science. We have studied from authors that elevate self, learn to develop our sense of self, and then end up feeding the selfish because we don’t know any better. Science- Study of the natural world through the process of observation, experimentation, and peer review. Between Science and Philosophy, there are differences even though they have some common ground. "Difference Between Science and Philosophy." I … 4.Another common element between the two studies is that they both try to explain situations and find answers. This means that aside from finding answers, it also resolves to generate questions. “Plato Silanion Musei Capitolini MC1377” by English: Copy of Silanion – Marie-Lan Nguyen [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons, 2. Science’s main purpose is to extract the objective truth out of existing or naturally occurring ideas. Meanwhile, science is only concerned with the latter. Philosophy uses arguments of principles as the basis for its explanation. edit: the link to view our full conversation here. So you can study the philosophy of physics, or philosophy of biology. Philosophy is mostly involved with thinking and creating knowledge. This is simply not true. @media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } Any attribute whatsoever, is “form”. Theology answers only these things…. While science and philosophy do at times overlap, they are fundamentally different approaches to understanding. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. It really disturbs me, when those calling themselves “educated”, defend their conclusions based upon “perceptions”. You might even then decide to corral science by declaring it every bit as subjective as philosophy. There is a misconception among people that philosophy does not make progress. Science is the objective salve made necessary by subjective ick that is philosophy. Lets assume you need a superimposed self-serving reading of reality, lets say that your emotional being is dependent on a set of self serving lies that cast reality as a subset of what you need to feel better about yourself and your future.


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