You’ll find the first node between crates covered in purple sheets, and you’re looking for a prompt to collect node data. You’ll want to be a minimum of around 690 power for this mission and it would be handy if you had a weapon like Arbalest with you, which you should have picked up during The Revelry. You’re now in a long room. Walk into the open vent and follow the path. You’ll need to wait for a wall of electricity to pass, or run through it if isn’t fully formed yet. You can also use a Hunter Tether for the same effect. This thread is archived. Leap to the scaffolding above and head towards the next open vent. This one is Solar. Head over to the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector for the last EDZ node. Jump onto the platform and shoot out the vent. You’ll need to find three keycards, with the final keycard becoming available this week. You can tell if the shredder is chasing you by its sound or giant red light. Dip into wee alcoves until it passes then carry on until you see a giant cavern. Head back to the waterfall pipe, jump over and up the waterfall. We’ll write for the right side player, but the left side is just a mirror of the right. Jump to slow your momentum, or risk death by splattering against a wall. To begin this quest, you first need to find the Fallen Transponder. You’ll reach a dark wall which you can jump up, then enter the open hatch. To unlock the Catalyst for Outbreak Perfected you have to beat Zero Hour on Heroic difficulty. Turn right and go down the slide again, pulling to the right as you reach the end. With the machine gone, jump back over to your hallway and take a left. Once you’ve gone up to the rafters, jump onto the platform and shoot the vents. Find the corner pipe with a waterfall behind it that you can mantle over. Land precision final blows using Outbreak Perfected and obtain SIVA Particulate from activity "Zero Hour" to unlock this upgrade. You’re now in a long hallway that looks completely blank. Stray left and enter yet another vent behind a toolbox. Jump onto the hatch lid and glance up to see the yellow ledge above. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. In the first completion of the zero hour mission I know that at the end of the boss fight you receive 100 of these Siva Particulates. Continue along the path of the old tower until you reach the flaming scaffolding where you first started Destiny 2. Turn around and look under the railing platform for a small crawl space, where you’ll find the Blue Card. You’ll see three rows of ventilation shafts, so go to the third one then spin on the spot to see the open vent. Face the light and turn to the left to see a storage container hanging off a ledge to find it. Now you’ve got the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst. There’s a small alley with a vent where you’ll see the Green Card. Then check out our Destiny 2: Forsaken guide for walkthroughs for succeeding in Gambit Prime, how to get Thorn and where to find Xur and his Invitations of the Nine. After you beat the normal version of the mission, you can access the Heroic version through a node next to the Farm. Time for a quick break, then it’s time to tackle this mission again on Heroic difficulty. But you can speed up the process through an optional quest, which also grants a neat new ship. He’s surrounded by an army of Fallen. Clear out the enemies and go through the hallway until you reach the courtyard. The Outbreak Prime Exotic pulse rifle was added to Destiny 2 last week as the revitalised Outbreak Perfected and it comes with quite the challenging questline. Once you reach the top, look to your left and the hatch should be open, provided you flipped the right switch. The perk increases SIVA nanite damage, and enemies that die with SIVA nanites attached to them will spawn additional SIVA nanites. You’re now ready to begin the Zero Hour Maze. By Lauren Aitken, There should be a small landing near the dilapidated building, so jump up to find the node. Carry on through the Cryptarch’s Vault until you reach the treasure room with the Outbreak Perfected case at the end. Turn around and look at the pipe on the left for another small crawlspace to find the Red Card. We’ve noted where the paths diverge and when they come back together. Bungie has just deployed a new update (2.2.2) in “Destiny 2” where it brought in several changes in the game’s sandbox alongside some fixes to some of the online-only shooter’s long-standing issues. After Destiny 2’s Fallen Transponder quest and your trek through the old tower, Mithrax will finally give up Outbreak Perfected, the new version of Outbreak Prime. The room will be full of spinning fans, so look for red lights and jump into them, keeping close to the wall. Take a right when you’re past it and you’ll notice a damaging electrical pulse going through the corridor. When you come to the corner, jump around it to a new platform. Start by hanging left, and then quickly pull to the right as you’re falling. You’ll need to pick up the Elemental Configuration first, which can be found in the first courtyard full of enemies, just left of the stairs on a shelf by the storage lockers. Look right and climb up. The Masterworked weapon will also receive an additional perk. If you’ve hit all four switches, the doors will be open. For Void and Arc week, you’ll want to be at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 respectively.


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