The construction of HRC fuse includes a material that has high heat resistant body like ceramic. Buy HRC Fuses. The fuse-tripped breaker is capable of dealing with small currents, which avoids the necessity of replacing the fuse (except high current). 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This ceramic body includes metal-end caps that are welded through an element that carries silver-current. Type P & D Standard Fuses - CDS. Here is a question for you, How to interpret the fuse characteristics? Similarly, if the fault current is not high, then break time is long. So, a fuse element can soften quicker for huge fault current whereas it will take a little bit for the lesser value of fault current. The effects of the short circuit need to be considered in circuit breaker, which allow the use of an inexpensive circuit breaker. The disadvantages of these fuses include the following. These are available with plastic body & two metal caps to arrange within the socket. This kind of fuse gives the protection of short circuit and overload for low & medium voltage. 10 4 Fuse Hrc AR 315A 660 VAC Nos. The melting point of tin is 2400 C that is lesser than silver’s melting point of 980o C. Thus the melting point of tin joints stops the fuse from getting high temperatures in the short circuit and overload conditions. To overcome this damage from faults, an electrical fuse is used. The liquid type HV HRC fuse is mostly used in the high voltage circuit. The fuse carrier can be … Type K - CIK07B. Types of HRC fuse: NH Fuse Din type Blade contact It is used for the transformer protection or for the circuit having a rating higher than 400A. So this is the weakest part of an electrical circuit. DIN fuse are used for different purposes with their characteristic at different temperature condition. During single-phase fault on a three-phase system, the plunger trips the circuit breaker, which opens all the three phases, i.e. So this is the reason the flow of current cannot overheat. The HRC fuse is made with glass otherwise some other kind of chemical compound. HRC fuses are used to protect the circuit from short circuits in HV switchgear. Here the material used in this is quartz, plaster of Paris, dust, marble, chalk, etc. L&T, India's largest manufacturer of low tension switchgear, offers the new generation of low watt loss HRC fuse- links designed as per the new IS 13703 / IEC 60269 standards. HRC Fuses Type 3NA3Introduction LV HRC Fuses During installations, when the HRC Fuses are mounted on the fuse bases or Switch Disconnector Fuse Units in panels above certain height, it is very difficult to identify the status of the fuse link; whether healthy or blown. They are connected by series of silver fuse elements. When the fuse is in short circuit condition, then the thin parts of the fuse element is less area will dissolve quickly & will smash before the eutectic material. Generally, copper or silver is used as the fuse element because of its low specific resistance. These are used in air & mining, feeder sectionalizing, gas-insulated switchgear, and transformers. This type of fuse is also called plug-I or spade. These are available in less weight and include less cutoff current. It causes overheating for nearby contacts. The internal space of the fuse body is filled by a filling powder material. Used for protection of Transformers, Motors and automobile, etc. So this is the reason to provide the limitations within the element of HRC Fuse. Blade Type Fuses are also known as Plug – in Type Fuses. Chemical reaction taking place between silver vapor and filling powder results in high resistance substance, which helps in quenching the arc in fuse. HRCI-CA Industrial Ceramic Bolt-On Fuse - CIF21. It is used in different temperatures with... #3.Blade Type Fuse: They are light in weight with compact dimension. HRCI-J Fast-Acting, Ceramic - CJ. Low voltage H.R.C fuses are also available in a capacity of 16000A to 30,000A at 400V (Also available in range of 80kA to 120kA) . When the fuse is in an overload condition, then the element of the fuse will not blow-off however if this condition exists for an extended period, then the material like Eutectic will dissolve & break the element of the fuse. HRC fuse can be classifieds into three types and they are . This element has normally two or more sections. BS88: 21.4 x 111mm Offset Bolt - CEO. 10 2 Fuse Hrc AR 125A 660 VAC Nos. The applications of these fuses include the following. The fuse element places inside the glass tube. Its enclosure includes some space that is surrounding by wire otherwise element of the fuse. Your email address will not be published. We depends on ad revenue to keep creating quality content for you to learn and enjoy for free. What is the Difference between 8051, PIC, AVR and ARM? Type K - CIL14B. At both sides of the fuse, the ceramic enclosure is made with a metal cap which is welded with fusible silver wire.


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