... Start as for Icarus but at the double dihedral intersection, go left up the large corner system. 3+ Traditional 150 3+ Traditional: 1: 3.0. Most of the best climbing in the immediate Boulder area lies in two areas: The Flatirons, the iconic red sandstone slabs that rise above town, which can be seen for miles around; and Eldorado Canyon, a narrow rift of soaring cliffs and towers just west of the historic spa village of Eldorado Springs. Official Rocky Mountain National Park Concessionaire for Technical Climbing, Mountaineering, Ski Mountaineering and avalanche education. If you only get 1 route a day for 300 days a year, this will take you 16 ½ years to complete. Friday, May 30th: Calypso/Reggae/Wind Ridge with Mark Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides Nominated for Best of the Rockies 2020! Open to climbers of all abilities, you'll enjoy some of the classic, multi-pitch routes such as: private reservations available at an additional fee, Hotel room based on double occupancy for three nights, © 1997 - 2020 by Alpine Endeavors, PO Box 291 Rosendale, NY 12472; 877-486-5769; info@alpineendeavors.com. Icarus Redgarden Wall Eldorado Canyon (8/2011) Swanson Arete Redgarden Wall Eldorado Canyon; Calypso Wind Tower Eldorado Canyon (6/1996) Wind Ridge Wind Tower Eldorado Canyon (6/1996) East Face Center 1st Flatiron Flatirons (6/1996) East Face Back Porch Flatirons; North Face The Maiden Flatirons (1/1997) North Face The Matron Flatirons (12/1996) Situated just minutes from Boulder, Colorado, Eldorado Canyon is a climbing Mecca. With more that 5000 rock climbing routes within 1 hour of Boulder Colorado, prepare to spend the rest of your life completing them. ☐ Disappearing Crack (The East Slab) – Dome, Climbing Lumpy Ridge – Rock Climbing Rocky Mountain National Park (Rock Climbing Estes Park), Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is an equal opportunity service provider and permittee of Roosevelt National Forest (Boulder and Clear Creek Ranger Districts) and White River National Forest (Blanca Ranger District). Traditional rock climbing (or more simply trad climbing) is a style of climbing in which a climber or group of climbers places all gear required to protect against falls, and removes it when the pitch (segment of a climb, usually the full length of the rope) is complete. Alpine Endeavors LLC, is an equal opportunity provider* and employer. Federal law and US Department of Agriculture policy. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Alpine Endeavors LLC, holds permits in the following locations: Mohonk Preserve, NY; Minnewaska State Park, NY; Mohonk Mountain House, NY; Stone Mountain Farm, NY; White Mountains National Forest, NH; Monongahela National Forest, WV; Eldorado Canyon State Park, CO; Coronado National Forest, AZ; Red Rocks National Recreation Area, NV; North Cascades National Park, WA; Mount Rainier National Park, WA; Rocky Mountain National Park, CO; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, AK; and other locations, *"In accordance with Federal law and US Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin,, sex, age, or disability. Now that you have completed 12 of the best local 4 th class – 5.4 routes, you are ready for the next step! Icarus T 5.6 4c 14 V 12 S 4b R Ignition S 5.12a 7a+ 25 VIII+ 25 E5 6a: Italian Arete T 5.9 5c 17 VI 17 HVS 5a R King Cobra, The T 5.10+ 6b+ 21 VII+ 20 E3 5b: Magic Bus T ... Eldorado Canyon SP is STRONGLY DISCOURAGING CLIMBING at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sixteen Must Do (5.5 and 5.6) Boulder and Estes Park Rock Climbs. Eldorado Canyon SP is STRONGLY DISCOURAGING CLIMBING at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some must do rock climbing routes in Eldorado Canyon State Park, Boulder Canyon, Boulder Flatirons and Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park) for beginner climbers wanting a little more challenge. Get out and explore the amazing rock climbing we have in our area! Climbing is NOT ADVISED. 4+ Traditional 250 4+ Traditional: 9: 1.8889. A post about student Eric Swenson and his adventures traditional rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon near Boulder, CO. The park office is closed. Vote Today. Breaking down this accomplishment: If you climb 3 new routes a day for 300 days a year, you should be well on your way to climbing most of them in 5 and a half years. I love climbing in Eldorado Canyon. Eldorado Canyon & Boulder Mountain Parks Join Alpine Endeavors in the Flat Irons and Eldorado Canyon, Colorado for some great climbing. In the words and footstep of the great George Mallory: “We do not live to eat and make money, we eat and make money to be able to enjoy life.”. Located just 45 minutes from the Strip in Las Vegas. 7/31, Sunday - Climbing: Eldorado Canyon - 2:15 Kyle led Long John Wall which we stretched to 2 pitches then we ditched rope and romped up Boulder Direct, an easy scramble. Social distancing is challenging in Eldorado Canyon SP with climbing. Certainly its proximity to my house (15 minutes away) is a big factor, but the climbing here is so engaging and the rock, generally, so good.


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