The 10 lb. Kills mosquitoes that may transmit Zika Virus; Kills mosquitoes by contact; Use on lawn … Lightly water the treated area immediately after application to aid in control. Read more. Instead, voles build trench-like runways between their holes and conceal them with grass or snow. Learn more about carpenter ant damage. Once the treated area has dried, pets can enter. Will Amdro Quick Kill Carpenter Bee, Ant & Termite Killer products stain wood? Can Amdro Mole & Gopher Bait be used around cats and dogs? AMDRO Bait Stations and Stakes are ready to use right out of the box. If you are seeing flying mosquitoes, we recommend using one of our adulticide products – Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Yard Spray or Mosquito Fogger. As long as the directions on the bottle are followed correctly, we do not expect any harm to people or pets. Get Pricing and Availability. Look for sand-like, tubular passageways along walls or pipes, connecting soil and wood. I plan to spray Amdro regularly as a routine, preventative measure for mosquito-control. Use when insects or damage first appear. This two-step treatment method can help you put an end to mosquitoes before they bite, breed or spread pathogens that cause disease. No. The 5-gallon blocker is larger and is a better choice for shrubs and small trees. Go to: Multi-Insect Control | Wood Pests | Animal / Rodent | Mosquito Control. Gophers – These rodents burrow well beneath the surface, so you may only notice mounds with a distinctive crescent shape and hidden entry sites. The gasser should finish burning approximately 7 to 8 minutes after being lit. The bait should not be applied above ground where pets and wildlife could come into contact with it. I have guests coming for the weekend. no issues for my dogs as far as reactions, etc. Mosquitoes, Flies, Stink Bugs, and Crane Flies, Lawns, trees and shrubs, roses and flowers, and outside surfaces of buildings. Wooden floors and joists under leaky pipes or water-damaged bathroom walls are common targets. This product is great for application to your lawn & landscape areas and treats up to 2,100 sq. The long, parallel channels have very smooth sides, free from sawdust and debris. If you want a product that kills mosquito larvicides, you can use the Amdro Quick Kill. We don't recommend using Amdro Rat or Mouse Traps in freezing temperatures, as it may reduce effectiveness. Carpenter bees’ entry holes are about the size of a fingertip and almost perfectly round. Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Yard Spray kills mosquitoes by contact and provides same day control. Top critical review. The fuse time is 5 seconds. No, this product will not harm turf grasses when it is applied correctly according to the directions on the bottle. Do I need to do anything to activate amdro ant killing bait stations or bait stakes? Amdro Quick Kill Carpenter Bee, Ant & Termite Killer products are listed to be used on non-painted or varnished surfaces such as decks, wood piles, wood patios, and woodsheds. This product kills over 500 insects! The wire Amdro Gopher Trap is meant to catch smaller animal pests such as pocket gophers compared to the Amdro Mole & Gopher Tunnel Trap. Yes, the Amdro Mole & Gopher Tunnel Trap is reusable. No, Amdro Gopher Gasser should not be used in or around chicken coops, homes, or pet areas. The bees excavate about 1 inch deep, and then branch off to create lateral pathways where they lay eggs. Simply attach your hose to the sprayer, and the liquid mixes automatically as you spray. Find more information about carpenter bee damage, Subterranean termites nest where wood and moisture are abundant. Contains an active ingredient that helps in controlling mosquitoes that may transfer diseases like Zika Virus, Chikungunya, and West Nile Virus. Amdro Carpenter Bee, Ant & Termite Killer products work fast and prevent new infestations for up to 3 months. No, the Amdro Mole, Vole & Gopher Blockers will expand as your plant's roots grow. Learn more tips about disposing of dead rodents, No, this product is not intended to be used in water sites where mosquitoes breed, therefore it would not kill mosquito larvae. We recommend keeping pets and children out of the treated area when applying and waiting until the product has completely dried before letting them back in the treated area. For a full list of the type of pests controlled by this product, refer to the product label or go here for more information. Can Amdro Gopher Gasser be used around chicken coops? : 279-3347-90098 1.2. Use Current Location. Amdro. How do I get rid of gophers, moles, and/or voles? IMM uses methods that, when followed correctly, are safe and have been scientifically proven to reduce mosquito populations. Recommended use and restrictions on use Recommended use : Insecticide. We recommend keeping people and pets outside the treated area until the treated area product has dried. 9 people found this helpful. What is the difference between the wire Amdro Gopher Trap and Amdro Mole & Gopher Tunnel Trap? Use a push or handheld spreader to apply these granules evenly at a rate of 1.2 pounds per 500 square feet. When can my dogs go into the yard after I use Amdro® Gopher Gasser? We recommend waiting at least 4 hours to allow animals to re-enter the treated area. AMDRO Quick Kill Mosquito Yard Spray. I do wait a little bit for yard to dry before letting them out. Choose the solution that fits your specific pests and preferences. Find more information about termite damage, Indoors and out, carpenter ants seek moist, decaying wood for nesting spots. Where should I place Amdro Rat or Mouse Traps? have never been dissatisfied with Amdro products. Advanced killing action - starts within minutes. Yes, the Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Bombs can be used in ponds with plants and aquatic life as well as in animal watering troughs. No, this product is only intended for outdoor use. Trade name : Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Yard Spray Synonyms : 100530440; UPC #: 8-13576-00430-9; EPA Reg. Kill mosquitoes with easy to use fogger that also controls yellow jackets, wasps, gnats and flies, Prevent adult mosquitoes from developing by placing product in standing water such as fish ponds and water gardens, Prevent adult mosquitoes from developing by placing product in shallow standing water such as plant saucers and bird baths, Mosquitoes, Plant Bug family such as Adelphocoris Plant Bugs, Scarlet Plant bugs, Tarnished Plant Bugs, and Four-lined Plant Bug; Assassin bug family such as Bee Assassins, Wheel Bug; Ambush Bug family such as Jagged Ambush Bug; Lace Bug family such as Oak Lace Bug; Seed Bug family such as Small Eastern Milkweed Bug; Long-necked Seed Bug, and Large Milkweed Bug; Stilt Bug family such as Stilt Bugs; Leaf-footed Bug family such as Florida Leaf-footed Bug, and Squash Bug; Scentless Plant Bug family such as Eastern Boxelder Bug and Western Boxelder Bug; Stink bug family such as Green Stink Bug, Brochymenas, Two-spotted Stink Bug (Conspicuous Stink Bug), Harlequin Cabbage Bug (Calico Bug, Fire Bug), Spined Soldier Bug, Crane fly family such as Wood-boring Tupulid, Giant Western Crane Fly, and Crane Flies; Phantom Crane Flies such as Phantom Crane Fly; Netwinged Midges such as Comstock’s Net-winged Midge; Phantom Midges; Black Flies such as Black Flies; March Flies family such as March Flies; Fungus Gnats family such as Fungus Gnats; Snipe Fly family such as Gold-backed Snipe Fly; Stiletto Fly; Mydas Fly family such as Mydas fly; Robber Fly family such as Bearded Robber Fly, Sacken’s Bee Hunter, Giant Robber Fly, Bee Killer (Giant Robber Fly), and Robber Flies; Bee Flies such as Bee Fly, Large Bee Flies, and Progressive bee Flies; Dance Flies such as Dance Flies; Long-Legged Flies such as Condylostylid Long-legged Flies, and Texan Long-legged Fly; Hover Fly family such as Woollty Bear Hover Flies, Elongate Aphid Flies, Drone Flies, Bulb Flies, American Hover Flies, and Toxomerus Hover Fly; Thick Headed Fly family such as Thick headed fly; Pyrgotid Fly family such as Pyrgotid Flies; Fruit Fly family such as Walnut Husk Fly, and Apple Maggot Fly; Seaweed Fly family such as California Seaweed Fly; Marsh Fly family such as Marsh flies; Shore fly family such as Yellowstone Brine Fly; Pomace fly family such as Vinegar Fly; Anthomyiid Fly family such as Dung Fly; Muscid Fly family such as House Fly, Screw-worm Fly, and Green Bottle Fly; Flesh Fly family such as Flesh flies; Tachnid Fly family such as Beelike Tachinid Fly, Early Tachinid Fly, Repetitive Tachinid Fly, Tachina Fly, and Fringe-legged Tachinid Fly, How to Kill and Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Yard, All About Mosquitoes and Effective Controls, Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Yard Spray Label, For Information on Slug and Snail Control Visit Corry's, Kills mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus, Zika Virus & Chikungunya, Advanced killing action starts within minutes.


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