I have 2 alpine type r 12's. This switch is used in a bridged monoblock connection. Check if the high-pass and low-pass filters perform their functions. With a Rockford Fosgate mono block amp. Master is set on the amplifier, to which RCA from the radio is connected, Slave is set on the connected monoblock. Time to adjust the built-in crossovers on the amplifiers in your system. Turn the Gain/volume knob to zero or all the way down. So, hook up only one amplifier at a time, unhook it and move on to the next one. For good amp performance, you need high quality RCA cables, power cables, and speaker wire. Make sure that the physical connections to the amplifier are of good quality. tuning mono block amp? They sit on my back seat of my 4 door 2009 GMC Sierra 1500. Master/Slave. But one thing that should not be done is to crank the Gain/volume knob on the amp all the way and assume thats the best method. i am up to tuning my amp for my subs it is a mono block clarion DPX 1851 any recommendations on any of the tuning functions i am after clean crisp kicking bass with only a little after rumble. I need help understanding what clipping sounds like and how to tune the amp. Fine tuning can be a good way to troubleshoot your car amplifier. Tuning the amp is dependant on preference and the setup, so that is up to you to do correctly. There is a fixed switch 0/180° and a regulator 0° – 180°. Not too heavy not too light. The t1500.1 bdcp. Amplifier Level Setting CD- AutoSound 2000 CD-104 Step 2: Tuning Frequencies. Play a song with a middle amount of bass. I tend to over think things and really need help. They are the swr 12d2. My subs are in a ported box with port to the side. If you have multiple amplifiers, use this method for each amplifier separately. Phase controller – is part of the advanced tuning – changes the phase of the speaker.


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