Also called: Honda CB750F2, Honda CB750 Nighthawk, Frame: JH2RC381NMXXXXXX (North America), RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), RC42-100XXXX (Japan), Frame: JH2RC381PMXXXXXX (North America), RC42-100XXXX (Japan), Frame: RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), RC42-100XXXX (Japan), Frame: JH2RC381SMXXXXXX (North America), RC42-110XXXX (Japan), RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), Frame: JH2RC381TMXXXXXX (North America), RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), Frame: JH2RC381VMXXXXXX (North America), RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), Frame: JH2RC381WMXXXXXX (North America), RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), Frame: JH2RC381XMXXXXXX (North America), RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), Frame: JH2RC3811MXXXXXX (North America), RC42XXXXXXX (Europe), RC42-125XXXX (Japan), Code: CB750F21 (Europe), CB750FII1 (Japan). Contact US. Gauges and Attachment. Driving Performance Curve(One/Two Rider) 15. Bore x Stroke: 62 х 62 mm: Compression Ratio CB750K1—K4. This page was last edited on 20 March 2020, at 12:50. Also See for Honda CB750. Service Tools. In 2007, Honda Japan announced the sale of a new CB 750 very similar to the models sold in the 1970s. SUPPLEMENT CB750K5. - About - Announced were the CB 750 Special Edition (list price 798,000 yen) which is in the silver colors of the CB 750 AMA racer of the 1970s, and the CB 750 (list price 730,000 yen) in 3 color schemes reminiscent of CB 750s sold previously. 210 kg / 463 lbs (212 kg / 467 lbs - California) – CB750 Nighthawk, 226 kg / 498 lbs (228 kg / 503 lbs - California) – CB750 Nighthawk, Telescopic fork 41 mm, 140 mm / 5,5 in – CB750 Nighthawk, Swingarm with twin-shock, 110 mm / 4,3 in - CB750 Nighthawk, Single disc, 296 mm, 2-piston calipers - CB750 Nighthawk, 18,0 l / 4,76 US gal (reserve – 3l) - CB750 Nighthawk. Class: standard Production: 1991-2003, 2005-2008 Also called: Honda CB750F2, Honda CB750 Nighthawk Models Honda CB750 Nighthawk 1991-2003 (North America) Honda CB750 F2 Seven Fifty … Die CB 350 - 750 Four IG hat sich 2013 als ein Forum für Motorrad-Enthusiasten, deren besonderes Interesse den zwischen 1969 und 1982 gebauten Honda CB Four Modellen gilt, gegründet. Other changes included the use of a rear disc brake and a lighter crankshaft and flywheel. Honda CB750 (F2 Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): manuals, parts, microfiches. In this version sold from year 1992 , the dry weight is  and it is equiped with a In-line four, four-stroke motor. Honda CB750 (F2 Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): video. Make Model: Honda CB 750 Four K 7/K8: Year: 1977 - 1978: Engine: Four stroke, transverse four cylinder, SOHC, 2 valve per cylinder: Capacity: 736 cc / 44.9 cub in. Manuals. Honda CB750 (F2 Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): specs. As for stopping power, the Honda CB 750 braking system includes Single disc size  at the front and Single disc size  at the rear. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 74.00 HP (54.0 kW) @ 8500 RPM and a maximum torque of. 1976 CB750K6, CB750F1, CB750A 1977 CB750K7, CB750F2, CB750A1 Honda CB750: history, specifications, images, videos, manuals. From, Japanese Motorcycle Encyclopedia, Honda CB750 F2 Seven Fifty: Service Manual,, Telescopic fork 41 mm, 130 mm / 5,1 in – CB750 F2 Seven Fifty, Swingarm with twin-shock (+ reserve-tank), 110 mm / 4,3 in – CB750 F2 Seven Fifty, Double disc, 296 mm, 2-piston calipers – CB750 F2 Seven Fifty, Single disc, 240 mm, 1-piston caliper – CB750 F2 Seven Fifty, 20,0 l / 5,3 US gal (reserve – 3l) – CB750 F2 Seven Fifty, Chain driven DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder (with cam followers). SUPPLEMENT CB750 K 7 ('77 ... CB 750 K 1 overall length width Wheel base Seat height foot height weight ... All threaded parts used on the HONDA CB 750 conform to ISO Standard (International The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 74.00 HP (54.0 kW) @ 8500 RPM and a maximum torque of  . In this version sold from year 1992, the dry weight is and it is equiped with a In-line four, four-stroke motor. Honda CB750 (F2 Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): specs. SUPPLEMENT CB750F SUPPLEMENT CB750K6 ('76). 2020 Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Motogp Edition YZF-R3, - Suzuki GSX 750 F (reduced effect) (1992), - Honda VFR 750 R / RC 30 (reduced effect) (1991), - Suzuki GSX-R 750 (reduced effect) (1990), - Suzuki GSX 750 F (reduced effect) (1990), - Suzuki GSX-R 750 (reduced effect) (1991), - Yamaha FZR 750 R (reduced effect) (1992), Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions, Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity, Recuperation 60 to 140 km/h in highest gear, Fuel Consumption - MPG - Economy - Efficiency. Change consent Stock tire sizes are 120/70-17 on the front, and 150/70-17 on the rear. Thread Size. 16. From, Japanese Motorcycle Encyclopedia. Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Honda CB750 Four (K2) in 1972, the model with standard body and 736 cm3 / 44.9 cui engine size, 49.9 kW / 68 PS / 67 hp of power, 5-speed manual powertrain. Related Manuals for Honda CB750. 1975 CB750K5 (US-only, K2/K4 elsewhere), CB750FO, CB750A (Canada-only) The 1975 CB750F had a more streamlined look, thanks in part to a 4-into-1 exhaust and cafe style seat with fiberglass rear. 19. All Honda CB750 Four series versions offered for the year 1978 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of motorbikes. Honda Nighthawk CB 750 1991 Service Manual 199 pages. 14. Technische Daten, Ersatzteile und Zubehör für HONDA CB 750 K (KZ/KA/KB) findest du in der Louis Bike-Datenbank. Specifications DIMENSIONS Overall length 2220 mm / 87,4 in – CB750 F2 Seven Fifty 2185 mm / 86,0 in – CB750 Nighthawk Overall width 780 mm / 30,7 in – CB750 F2 Seven Fifty ... Honda 750 CB Seven Fifty Canal Ha. Motorcycle Honda CB750 Owners Workshop Manual (30 … Honda CB750 Owner's Manual 90 pages. With this drive-train, the Honda CB 750 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 196.0 km/h (121.8 mph) . Make Model: Honda CB 750 K Z: Year: 1978 - 79: Engine: Four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder: Capacity: 748 cc / 45.6 cub in. Diese Seiten dienen als Ergänzung zu unserem Forum. The Honda CB 750 model is a Sport touring bike manufactured by Honda . Regarding the chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride confort, the Honda CB 750 have a  frame with front suspension being  and in the rear suspension it is equiped with  . Die CB 750 Four ist ein Motorrad des japanischen Herstellers Honda.Das erste Großserien-Motorrad mit Vierzylinder-Reihenmotor war weltweit ein großer Erfolg und wurde bis 1978 über 550.000 mal hergestellt. Honda CB750 (F2 Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): images, gallery. Honda CB 750 (Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): review, history, specs. honda cb 750 k4 (1973 - 1974) Segment: Naked / Road Kept in production for only one year, between 1973 and 1974, the Japanese company created only 60.000 units of CB 750 K4. Jump to: navigation, search. Specifications CB 750 K2, K3, K4. Honda CB750 Owner's Manual 89 pages. Honda CB750 (F2 Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): manuals, parts, microfiches. The Honda CB 750 model is a Sport touring bike manufactured by Honda. Der anfangs nur „Honda Four“ genannte Typ hat einen quer eingebauten Motor, Kettenantrieb und eine hydraulisch betätigte Scheibenbremse vorn. ©2020 Ultimate Specs - Motorcycles - ... Honda CB-1 (CB400F) (1989-1991) Honda CB100 series (1970-1975) Honda CB1000 series (1992-1998)


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