Panteleimon, was quick to flee, finding a protector in the Old Calendar Greek Bishop Paisios (of “the True Hellenic Orthodox Church of North and South America”), who received him with honor in 1986. The monasteries buildings arose as a result of reconstruction of the former military barracks located in the abandoned XV century Franciscan monastery. Panteleimon and his adherents have now followed their example.” 6. Is The case of Archimandrite Antonii was equally serious. Shortly thereafter, the bishops defrocked Fr. time: Even during the time of Metropolitan, Epistle A History of the Negotiations with ROCOR Hierarch Archbishop Afanasii Martos on the Leadership of the Belarusian Parishes in the Diaspora (1959–1974), Latvian Orthodox Clergy in Western Germany, 1945–1949, A New Testimony to the Status of the Hierarchs of the Metropolitante of Belarus in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, 1948, Essay on the Position of the Russian Exarchate of the Ecumenical Jurisdiction, Вопросник по учебнику Н.Д. Neketas Palassis, (March 31, 1986). Does the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad View the Catacomb Church and the Moscow The bishops were bombarded by hundreds of letters, petitions, phone calls, and personal visits — all of them protesting their “Elder’s” innocence and the unfair, even “un-American” way in which they believed his case was being handled. In the 1960s and 1970s, Vitalii had been instrumental in enlightening his brother bishops on the subject of ecumenism. Antonii’s father), now removed Fr. This was a complete reversal of his published views of only months before. Patriarchate? Panteleimon and was personally fond of Archimandrite Antonii. Sorry for inconvenience. No one could mistake the intention of the Synod: Fr. All of this had earned the Grabbes the jealous enmity of some, and the respect of others. Antonii from his position as head of the Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, and suspended him from priestly functions pending the outcome of a spiritual court. Panteleimon was present and denied the charges, but asked to be relieved of his position as abbot. Fr. to the Russian Church Flock (1994). Letter to the author, (February 10, 1986). Looking back, the bishops may well feel that they should have hastened this investigation for, during this period of time, an unprecedented explosion of protest erupted from the supporters of Fr. Your present article on the Serbian Church is a case in point. He referred the matter to Bishop Gregorii who, after an unofficial and cursory investigation, decided that the accusation was without foundation. The commission presented its report at a meeting of the Synod on May 29, 1986, receiving testimony in person from four monks who had left the Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Alexander, 1983 Council of Bishops Please upgrade to a higher version or try another tool. Philaret respected Fr. A pious old monk was brought forth to draw the lot between the two. Required fields are marked *. This letter was signed not just by Archimandrite Panteleimon, but by all the monks and novices of his monastery, and also by the nuns and novices of the Holy Nativity Convent. Panteleimon. Antonii, who had observed carefully the strategy of Fr. Vitalii, the fourth metropolitan of the Church Outside Russia, had lived with his family in France after the Russian Revolution, entering monastic life in Czechoslovakia in 1939. Extract from a report to Bishop Hilarion by Consenting Des­rosiers, (February 18, 1987). Learn how your comment data is processed. to the Russian Church Flock (1987), Epistle The end came quietly in his sleep, in the presence of the Kursk Mother of God Icon, shortly before dawn on November 21, 1985. catholicity]… Having been distorted by isolation, they sadly developed a psychology of nearly Puritanical, pessimistic sectarianism, for their cultural, political, and religious context was forcibly kept in a static state by the Turks… In fighting the imposition of the Western Calendar [from the 1920s to the present], the truly Orthodox Greeks have [thus far] proved themselves unable to follow the example of our Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in forging a jurisdiction of… transcontinental dimensions against the prevailing realities of revolution, communism, modernism, and ecumenism in our troubled times.


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