0. Huge crabs are very tough enemies. 0. Post Comment. The Road of Sacrifices doesn't really have any shortcuts. Prev Questions and answers How to develop the character? How to defeat Crabs in Road of Sacrifice? 6. Next Questions and answers How to reset your skill points? Road of Sacrifices shortcuts in Dark Souls 3. Walkthrough for the Road of Sacrifices area in Dark Souls III. In this area you will meet Horace and Anri of Astora, giving you the option to join the Blue Sentinels, recruit Orbeck of Vinheim, find Farron Coal along with the Sellsword and Fallen Knight armor sets, pick up the Great Club and Exile Greatsword and quite a bit more as you progress toward the Crystal Sage boss battle. This guide offers a walkthrough of the Road of Sacrifices in Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls III Guide. Listing locations of items, boss fight strategy, area info, and NPC info.


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