Henniez originates from the hills of La Broye, a protected natural reserve located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, near Lausanne. It’s natural calcium, which absorbs better than that ingested by tablet. In fact, if one is going to drink bottled water and one does not like to swallow vitamins, Contrex® Natural Mineral Water does kill two birds with one stone. It is carefully bottled to deliver the untouched purity. While “Shape Yourself Naturally™” with Contrex may cause some marketing-savvy observers to raise an eyebrow, female consumers have responded in droves—even the bottle is shapelier than almost anything else in the category. †Almonds, bok choy, broccoli, collards, dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt), kale, spinach, calcium-fortified orange juice, tofu and soymilk. Ozarka has embodied the spirit of what’s real, natural and authentic since 1905. From the south of the United States. Your answers can be found here. When the water is served cold, much of this quality is “chilled away.”. For women in over 35 countries around the world, Contrex is a deliciously pure natural mineral water rich in calcium and magnesium. Afgezien van de Contrex Mineraalwater is het noodzakelijk om ook andere boodschappen (aanbiedingen) te bestellen bij … With a pink bottle cap and a big red heart on the pink-and-blue label, men are not likely to reach for this bottled water. Not only would I get to sample waters at the source of four different springs, but I’d learn how each source affects the water’s taste and character, about the latest research in hydration, the “gastronomy of water… That’s beaucoup de l’eau pour boire, and beaucoup d’argent to pay for it. The beneficial qualities of the water from the natural springs at Contrexéville, in the Vosges Mountains of northeastern France, the largest forest in the country. Evian is equally un-crisp, to our taste buds, and millions of fans have not decried its lack of crispness. S.Pellegrino is the sparkling mineral water preferred by top restaurants all over the world and an icon of Italian lifestyle. An exceptional mineral water, with the highest natural magnesium content among still mineral waters in French retail. Since 1873, people have enjoyed the crisp taste of Deer Park. THE NIBBLE, “Great Food Finds,” is a free online gourmet food magazine and website with a thousand product reviews of gourmet food and beverages, including kosher, diet, and organic products. Bonnie: When invited on a European Great Springs Safari many years ago, I couldn’t resist. La Vie is a fresh-tasting natural mineral water and is sustainably sourced from two springs in the Vietnamese highlands. Search for jobs here. Dating back to 1845, Poland Spring is the number one bottled water in the north-eastern United States. An environmental group, Agrivair, administers an environmental protection program that protects 22,000 acres around the perimeter of the springs. Buxton flows naturally, full of vitality, to the surface after having filtered for 5,000 years through the ancient limestone of the Peak District. The smart choice for a healthy family hydration, offering quality at a value price for everyday consumption. A review of Contrex Natural Mineral Water, the "king of calcium." Across the globe, Nestlé are here to help answer your queries. You are currently on the Nestlé Waters global website, Acqua Panna | Italian Natural Spring Water. Originating from the protected natural environment of the Balaton Uplands National Park. The pitch is that calcium is needed by dieters (so are lots of other vitamins and minerals not present in Contrex—take that multivitamin!). Unlike some high-mineral-content waters where you can taste the minerals, Contrex manifests itself not so much in flavor, because it is very low in sodium (salt) and bicarbonates. The ultimate refreshment to quench all thirsts. Valvert gushes from the heart of 3,500 hectares of protected forest in the Gaume region, the green belt of Belgium. Dating back to 1964, Zephyrhills is now the number one bottled water in the Florida region. While Contrex began its ascent to fame as a restorative for France’s King Louis XV, in today’s crowded marketplace, parent company Nestlé knows whom to target this high-calcium content treasure: to women. That's because it's born in the Montseny Natural Park (a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve), in the heart of Catalonia. Available at specialty retailers and health food stores nationwide, including Wild Oats and Whole Foods Markets. With Contrex, elimination is significantly improved without diminishing the body’s mineral balance, helping women feel great and look beautiful. Originating from the Falougha mountains (at an altitude of 1,710 metres), Sohat is the most renowned natural mineral water in Lebanon and the surrounding region. Coming from a depth of 250 metres, Deep Spring is enriched with essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. © Copyright 2005-2020 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. And if you’re not disposed to take vitamins or eat foods high in calcium†—or just want all the calcium you can get—drinking Contrex is an excellent way to get it. The plain or flavored waters are distributed through retail channels. But if you like to drink lots of bottled water each day, this is a fine way to add supplemental calcium and a nice hit of magnesium. Number one branded bottled water in the Midwest. Leading regional bottled water brand in the Saudi Arabian eastern province. Santa Bárbara is a light balanced water named after the Santa Catarina natural spring source that is located in a protected area, and to which the water owes its essence of pureness. However, Contrex is a from a unique thermal source which means that they have the legitimacy to claim their important qualities as water brand and the helath benefit Contrex sources have. But the recommended daily intake of calcium per day is 1,000 mg. One liter of Contrex contains 486 mg, so prepare to spend a lot of time (and $4.00+ a day) drinking two liters (almost 68 ounces, or 1 gallon, 4 ounces) to get 972 mg. Jordan's leading bottled water brand comes from the heart of the Sharah mountains, from a deep well in the desert. Throughout its history started in 1920, this natural mineral water has leveraged its rich heritage to become number one on the Chilean market. The spring originates in the Andes in Mendoza. However, each one-liter bottle contains 486 mg of calcium and 84mg of magnesium. Crafted by nature, Acqua Panna flows through the beautiful sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. The strength of Perrier's bubbles has conquered the world. Cristalp comes from the heart of the Swiss Alps, close to the small village of Saxon in Valais. Created in 1995, Manantial is the Home & Office Delivery industry leader in Chile. Erikli Water - Natural Spring Water – Turkey. It offers a light and pleasant taste. Born Better® Only from Carefully Selected Springs. Baraka is the number one bottled water in Egypt. We are not a medical advisor, but we would conclude it is better to get some calcium than none. Regardless of the numbers and the hype, this is a sophisticated water, worthy of a taste. From a natural source in the Yunnan mountains, Da Shan is untouched, natural and contains healthy minerals. It was acquired in December 2012 by the CCU-Nestlé bottled water JV company (ACCUN). Rights: Royalty free for illustration of a press article. Find out more about Naleczowianka. The springs have been known since Roman times. A value-price brand, mainly distributed through wholesalers for out-of-home consumption. CAPSULE REPORT: Louis XV’s physician prescribed Contrex: now you can drink the King’s water.


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