Nor are the surveys of the sociologist and political scientist usually feasible, and even if they were, they would simply add grist for the comparative mill. One is an emphasis on collecting information by means of the human senses, rather than from revelation or authority. More specifically, anthropologists study human groups and culture, with a focus on understanding what it … Culture is Learned. Nor are the statistical exercises of the economist usually available to the anthropologist, who commonly works in or on societies in which systematic collection of economic data did not or do not exist. The place was Great Britain, and the circumstance was imperial and colonial expansion, and contact and engagement with other peoples and other cultures. And, while some British social anthropologists advocated and attempted comparison and generalization, Boas favored a more particularistic and relativisitic approach, emphasizing historical and descriptive accounts of particular cultures. I will present this discussion in terms of three characteristics: first, the theoretical debate between evolutionism and cultural relativism; second, the analytical device of cross-cultural comparative analysis; and third, the methodological strategy of “participant observation.”. In the most general sense, anthropology is the study of humanity. Anthropology emerged as a branch of the social sciences that studied the biological and evolutionary history of human beings (physical anthropology), as well as the culture and society that distinguished Homo sapiens from other animal species (cultural anthropology). Another limitation is that “contact” and “engagement” with the people under study are vague terms requiring no particular technique and no mandated precision. It incorporates the study of related fields: archeology, physical anthropology, linguistics, cultural anthropology and ethnography. This phase passed with the fall of the Soviet Union. A second is the interplay between general understandings, usually labeled theory, and specific information, sometimes called data, used as evidence to support or to challenge a general understanding. In the anthropology of the 1970s, Karl Marx was deemed to be such an authority, and critics seemed to be worthy of excommunication. London: Routledge. In New World cultural anthropology, the evolutionary approach was resuscitated twice in the mid-20th century, once by the influential University of Michigan evolutionary school and two decades later by the emergence of a major movement of Marxist anthropology, Marx of course having been a major 19th-century evolutionary thinker. Reconstructing from the past obviously precludes this strategy. As with biological evolutionism generally, anthropological evolutionism posited higher and lower levels of accomplishment, of development, of human and social existence. Anthropology and anthropologists: The modern British school (3rd ed.). There are as many ways to study cultures as there are cultures to study. Particular societies and cultures around the world could be identified according to their level of achievement; in one scheme, the levels, each defined by technology and social arrangements, were labeled “savagery,” “barbarism,” or “civilization.” Even the theoretical alternative of dif-fusionism, which stressed borrowing rather than internal development and identified centers of creations and secondary recipients, was consistent with the comparative spirit. These characteristics arise from a common Enlightenment heritage. Direct observation and face-to-face conversation with the people under examination are central elements in ethnographic fieldwork, which is the other label used for participant observation. A constant side dialogue with prehistoric archaeology, which more consistently maintained the evolutionary approach (although some contemporary archaeologists disdain the term) kept the evolutionary tradition easily within reach.


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