• References to modern phenomena such as computers and social/political events are perfectly acceptable provided a personal agenda is not overt. InIreland, twenty issues of Haiku Spirit edited by Jim Norton were published between 1995 and 2000. Please send haiku, tanka, haibun, sequences, linked forms, articles, reviews & any other enquires to the editor, Caroline Skanne: . • Sophisticated cleverness is to be avoided • The fundamental driving force in haiku sensibility is to discover delight in the ‘ordinary’ – that which usually escapes everyday attention Annual membership of the British Haiku Society (standard subscription in UK £27, £22 concessionary — airmail to Europe £30; rest of the world £38) includes four issues of Blithe Spirit (cover-dated March, June, September, December) and a regular newsletter (The Brief) advertising world-wide events and competitions amongst other things. Each issue usually consists of around 80 pages, with original poems covering the gamut of haikai genres, a diversity of articles about the writing and appreciation of haiku and related forms, book reviews, letters to the editor, features and announcement of the winner of the Museum of Haiku Literature Award (£50) for the haiku chosen as best from the previous issue. You’ll also be entitled to: Vote on Society matters. com • A haiku creates a space for the reader to make their own sense and have their own feelings I hope you … Have one haiku included in the annual Members’ Anthology. The poems cover the period 1997 – 2020 and most have been previously published in quality haiku magazines: Blithe Spirit, Presence, Snapshot Press, Shamrock Haiku Journal. Royal Festival Hall (Level 5), Southbank Centre, LondonOpen Tuesday - Sunday from 11am to 8pm. Please have a look at this exciting piece of history – one of the first issues of Blithe Spirit from January 1992: All views expressed on The British Haiku Society website are the views of the authors and contributors. Blithe Spirit, our journal, is a Quarterly, with the cover dates of February, May, August and November to some extent reflecting the season just ended, i.e. Blithe Spirit only accepts submissions from BHS members, however, members do not have an automatic right to publication. document.write(''); Kurz danach setzten sich auch einige unabhängige Haiku-Magazine durch. As a member, you’ll receive: The Society’s quarterly journal Blithe Spirit ; Four issues of The Brief newsletter (by email only); If you are a new member, the Members’ Handbook. Our editorial policy is to encourage new writing, value a diversity of approaches to haiku, and promote excellence. Tuesday - Sunday Creatrix: Published 4 times a year online. Ian tells me he is photophobic, so instead here is the image of indigotyger. In closing I want to express my appreciation to the authors of these fine poems that help to show the way into haiku's mystical landscape, James W Hackett, 12 Nov 1991 Please DO NOT SHARE work accepted for publication in Blithe Spirit until the journal has been published. For those preferring to submit by post, please send a covering note and a stamped self-addressed envelope or one IRC if you wish for a reply. Stay in the loop, sign up for email updatesabout new items, events and competitions, Southbank Centre, London Here are some suggested guidelines: Stay in the loop and register for email updates about events, competitions and all things poetry. • The space between observer and whatever is being observed reduces to a minimum; intellectual thoughts should not intervene It should be clear that the writer has contrived to observe something which usually escapes ordinary notice, helping the reader to have a feeling of what William Carlos Williams called ‘the renovation of experience’.


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