Also find menu, reviews, location, contact, phone number, maps and more. Headquarters located in banglure and more than 6000 employees work at barbeque nations. 644, Non-veg - Rs. For all App users treat yourself free on every 4th Visit. Absolutely barbecues, better known as AB’s is a casual dining restaurant that is set to transform the dining experience to a new level with its innovative D-I-Y grilling concept. Book a table for FREE at Barbeque Nation, Banjara Hills, Central East Hyderabad and get Monday to Saturday Lunch (Veg - Rs. Founded in 2006 Maharastra, Barbecue Nation today has 138 outlets in India, 5 in the UAE, 1 in Malaysia and 1 in Oman.Barbecue Nation was founded with the idea of ​​grilling food on the tables of customers who come to the hotel. Type of offers and discounts: Barbeque Nation has offered many coupons and discounts for the month of June. 774, Kids - Rs. When you love food... spread its happiness!! 5.What if Barbeque Nation IPO Shares not allotted to me?Ans: Suppose Barbeque Nation shares not allotted to you than refund will be credited to your linked bank account. One share price is ₹. Also find menu, reviews, location, contact, phone number, maps and more A unique 'do-it-yourself' dining experience where diners grill on the Table, their choice of Meat, Seafood and Vegetables starters served on skewers to their preference. Barbeque Nation Restaurants offer both the veg and non-veg food to customers. MENU AND PRICE This offer valid from 1 st December 2020 Our Price Lunch. 2.How do I apply for the Barbeque Nation IPO?Ans: Anyone having demat account are eligible for application. I'm Amol Jamdar and I'm here to post some really helpful stuff for stock market traders and investors. 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, Barbeque Nation Financial Details (INR crore), Barbeque Nation Company Contact Information, Company Promoters and Boards of Directors, How to Select Shares for portfolio Investments, Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Trading, Top 5 Indian Stock Broker Register Address, Edelweiss Capital Brokerage Plan Comparison, Top 5 Indian Stock Broker Sebi Registration, Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges Reviews, Indian Stock Broker Comparisons and Reviews, Latest IPO Updates. Book a table for FREE at ABs - Absolute Barbecues, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore to get 20% Cashback and buffet deals from Monday to Sunday on kids buffet, lunch buffet and dinner buffet. 671, Kids - Rs. Status Allotment, Date, price, profitable IPO, Status. All rights reserved. Barbeque Nation, Abu Dhabi: See 31 unbiased reviews of Barbeque Nation, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #321 of 2,806 restaurants in Abu Dhabi. 550, Non-Veg - Rs. Today it is one of the leading food chains in India. Bon Appetit ! © 2020 9.Will I get a discount if I am Barbeque Nation Employee?Ans: IPO details not yet announced. On 7th Feb, 2020 Barbeque Nation opened its 1st outlet in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh at the SRMT Mall on Pithampuram Road. 671, Kids - Rs. 09.What is the Lot Size of Barbeque Nation IPO?Ans: Minimum [●] shares (1 lot) and maximum [●] shares of lot size is available. [●] so 1 lot of [●] shares will be ₹.[●]. 3.What is the Barbeque Nation IPO issue date?Ans: Barbeque Nation IPO issue period is from [●] to [●]. There are two method available for application.ASBA Payment Method : The net-banking facility available for online IPO application.UPI Payment Method: By using UPI payment method for application process. 550, Non-Veg - Rs. Gift the gift of flavor and fun with AB's Gift Cards. AB's - Absolute Barbecues Bangalore; AB's - Absolute Barbecues, Marathahalli; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for AB's - Absolute Barbecues Restaurant on Zomato It is an icon with title Sajid Dhanani, Harish S C are the founder of this company. Ideal presents for those who relish food! 11.What Barbeque Nation IPO symbols in NSE & BSE?Ans: NSE: [●] & BSE: [●], Group: [●]. The new outlet is our 144th Outlet in India and 151st Internationally. The Barbeque Nation price list can easily be found in the Barbeque Nation menu card online or on the app. © 2020 Absolute Barbeques Pvt Ltd. All Rights Reserved. We provide a wide range of barbecue cuisines to satisfy your hunger. Complete Details of price band, subscription. Barbeque Nation, Abu Dhabi: See 31 unbiased reviews of Barbeque Nation, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #321 of 2,806 restaurants in Abu Dhabi.


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